Build My Heart - Baby BryceOn February 9, 2010, Bryce Malik House (BMH) was born. Shockingly, baby Bryce was immediately diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. To get through this experience with their new son, Ella and Barry pulled together their strength and their love. The result: a decision to help other families with children suffering from heart disease.

So on March 17, 2010, a second BMH was born: the Build My Heart Foundation!

It came about while mom, dad, and grandma were waiting for baby Bryce to recover from surgery. To pass time and track events, they created a scrapbook of Bryce’s adventures. On the last page, Ella placed a sonogram picture of his defective heart at the center. And at the top of the page, she placed 3 building block stickers to spell out Bryce’s initials, BMH. As she continued with the scrapebook she ended up spelling out Build My Heart. That’s when the heart of the foundation started to beat. Check out our website to learn more.